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November 2009 | Released in Argentina Cycle Tribute to Nature
With the presence in Buenos Aires of the prestigious American photographer Henry Horenstein, is launched in Argentina Tribute Cycle which involved prominent contemporary artists and thinkers. The first week of November of 2009 arrives in Buenos Aires the work "Animalia" integrating a series of exhibitions (public and private) that will tour the country. The series mentioned forms Phase I of the cycle, to be followed by presentations of the following artists:
Andrea Juan, Adriana Groisman, Gabriel Daujotas, Jane Marching, among others.
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November 2008 | Viva Magazine 11-09-08
DOS A QUERERSE. TRENDS who said that the rigor of research and creativity are incompatible? Between science and art there is even more chemistry. Scientists discovered that oil and water do not mix because of their different molecular composition. Many times, art and science repel them selves as these two elements.
But there are those who have figured it out to make from art a way to spread science. Here is where Tierra de Exploradores come up, an ONG dedicated to spread in a free manner natural science, related to the artistic with science.
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September 2008 | Journalistic work by Daniel Gomez

“Empire of the Sun” by Daniel Gomez
Magazine Contraseñas, September de 2008.
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“The fascination of the remote” by Daniel Gomez
Magazine Contraseñas, September de 2008.
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Cover photograph of Daniel Gomez
Magazine Contraseñas, September 2008
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August 2008 | Exhibition of paintings "Behind the Arctic Circle"
Marina Curci travelled to Antarctica aboard the icebreaker Almirante Irizar in January 2006. She kept a meticulous log of all instances of the trip. She wrote, drew, photographed, and painted. In this exhibition we can see a selection of pictures as "the manner of a diary were made during the trip.
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August 2008 | Photo exhibition "Antarctica"
The show will be open between 14 and 27 August, 1430 at 18:30 in EdeA Gallery, located in Defensa 771 - San Telmo. Tierra de Exploradores invite you to the photo exhibition "Antarctica "Artist Marcelo Gurruchaga that will be held under the Open Meetings XV Photo - Festival of Light 2008
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June 2008 | Tierra de Exploradores in Natural Resource
Tierra de Exploradores en Recurso Natural

 The show Natural Resource hosted by Natalia Oreiro and which is broadcast every Friday at 20hrs by Channel 7, made a note on the exhibition "Water for Life Key" at the Argentine Museum of Natural Science Here the photographer Marcelo Gurruchaga, one of the members of the exhibition, explains the basics of his work and the concept of the exhibition.

May 2008 | Journalistic Article from Daniel Gomez
“Antártida”, by Daniel Gómez
Magazine Contraseñas, May 2008.
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April 2008 | Tierra de Exploradores in OhLaLá

Ohlala Magazine of April published an article “with your art to another party" dedicated to women entrepreneurs who are seeking new ways to disseminate their work and ideas. In it you will find Veronica Willenberg, founder and director of this organization, presenting two projects devoted to the arts: Tierra de Exploradores and Art in Lobby.

April 25, 2008 | Cycle of Art, Science and Ecology from 25 April to 15 June 2008, from 14 a 19 hs. In the Argentine Museum of natural Science
"Water is key to life"
is a travelling exhibition through which, renowned artists and Argentine scientists, promote an appropriate reflection in times marked by the "climate change". The video Adriana Groisman and Stefan Oliva (Our Trip to Antarctica "), pictures of Marcelo Gurruchaga (" Antarctica, a photographic journey ") and Daniel Aldo Gomez (" Looking South "), comprise this group show bringing together the view "of art and science" and gives us think together about this critical resource, which oversees the life on our planet
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April 18, 2007 | Exhibit “Thaw" of Argentine artist Andrea Juan
Organized by Tierra de Exploradores Association under the International Polar Year 2007/2009, the Argentine Museum of Natural Science through its Department of Culture presented the exhibition "thaw" - the artist Andrea Juan.
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December 15, 2006 | Announcement of paleontological discovery.
Unpublished dinosaur footprints "raptors" of South America. As part of the presentation on civil society Association Tierra de Exploradores, dedicated to the popularization of Science and Culture, chaired by Argentine journalist Veronica Willenberg, presents the unpublished paleontological discovery conducted by the team of Argentine palaeontologist Sebastián Apesteguía Lic during 2006. The new discovery of dinosaur footprints "Raptor" south american clearly raises for the first time worldwide, the possibility of studying the real face of this group and gives a twist to what is known so far about the biomechanics and locomotion of these amazing dinosaurs.
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21 de julio de 2006 | Puertasaurus Reuili.
Find a gigantic herbivorous dinosaur of Patagonia.

Announcement of the discovery of the skeleton of one of the most gigantic dinosaurs discovered so far in the world: "Puertasaurus Reuili" found by the Dr. Fernando E. Novas and his staff at the Cerro Los Hornos, near Lake Viedma in Santa Cruz province. The journey of exploration was conducted in 2001 and funded by the National Geographic Society (Washington), CONICET and the National Agency for Promotion of Science and Technology (Buenos Aires).
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January 25, 2006 | Cretaceous Park
Argentines studying footprints in Bolivia and reconstructing those who made them. The Project "Cretaceous Park" is simply the construction of an adjacent space to the wall where the traces are exposed. There exists a museum and a system of ramps and walkways with live performances and size of dinosaurs and other fossil animals that lived in that part of South America at the exact moment when the traces were left.
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October 13, 2005 | Gonzalo
An ancient carnivorous dinosaur relative of birds found in Patagonia.

A new discovery of a dinosaur relative of birds is the oldest raptor found in South America
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November 2004 | New Recent fossil finds in search of dinosaur.
New excavations were carried out in Cretaceous rocks about 100 million years old, in the region of Picun Leufu, Neuquén Province, which allowed the discovery of several pieces of bone of a giant sauropod dinosaur that has the femur of 1.70 m long.


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