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Agenda of activities
“Polar Encounter”, Phase II of Tribute Cycle.  See more>
From November 2009 Tierra de Exploradores launches in Argentina Phase I
of Tribute Cycle.
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“Roadside System” in Expo Trastiendas thru October 15-18, 2009. See more>
Marina Curci and Marcelo Gurruchaga inaugurate the exhibit “Beyond the border”.
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Institutional profile

Tierra de Exploradores is a non-profit civil Association seeking to enhance the preservation and spreading of the Argentine cultural and natural heritage and generate the transfer of knowledge from the particular vision of scientists, artists and explorers.

Initially called "Explora- Argentina ", Tierra de Exploradores is an organization conceived in 2000 by journalist Verónica Willenberg, founder and president. As of July 2006 formally began its activities, forging a strong link with the main Museums, Galleries and Exhibition and Distribution Centres globally, in order to add the Itinerant Exhibitions and Dissemination Cycles organized by the Association.

Scientists and Explorers that embody the Argentine culture participate in this endeavor, with the goal of strengthening the process of spreading and developing their productions and findings.

Among its goals, Tierra de Exploradores works to sensitize society regarding the significance involving research and exploration, as a means to positively transform the reality of a community.


Tierra de Exploradore's aims at the promotion and dissemination of Argentine cultural production and scientific advances, both in the local context as well internationally.

We who are a part of Tierra de Exploradores aim to bring the production of science and culture throughout society, massively, making it appealing, returning it to the community, to whom we owe.

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Tierra de Exploradores develops its activities through
• the holding of conferences and cycles of dissemination
• the development and presentation of theme exhibitions
• the production and spreading of graphic and audiovisual material
• the management of press campaigns
• the monitoring and follow up of media

Through its activities, the association aims to deepen the integration of Argentina into the international framework, from the perspective of their scientific and their natural and cultural heritage.
To that end, the entity has innovative and appealing proposals conforming Itinerant Theme Exhibitions, to be shown in the major scientific and cultural dissemination centres.

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Common wellbeing

Tierra de Exploradores works to promote for the first time in our country-the culture of philanthropy for development of the Science, Art and Exploration in Argentina.

Aware of the need to work for the Common well being, in Annual Agenda of Tierra de Exploradores are actions to bring the scientific and cultural vanguard, along with funds generated through the release of same, to the most sensitive areas of the community: schools of frontier towns far from big cities, developing communities, etc

In those spaces, the Association expects to provide elements for study, raise awareness about the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage, generate transfer of knowledge as from the particular visions of scientists and explorers; and thus convey the challenge entailed by field research.

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