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Beyond the Arctic Circle (77 º 51 ' latitude south)

Itinerant exhibitions

Tribute– Phase II: “Polar Encounter”
Photo exhibition by Jane Marsching & Andrea Juan
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Tribute to Nature was conceived as a cycle of international projection composed by unpublished works of distinguished contemporary artists and thinkers-exhibitions, installations, settings and publications that grant homage to Mother Earth.
Artists and thinkers through pout their plays and stories have tried to reflect the unlimited power of our essence as a species, as planet and as a system. Professionals that have worked form enriched points of view in order to add some conscience to our actions and motivate reflection about the great opportunity to be co creators in this time and space that we have to inhabit in harmony with our surrounding.
In November of 2009 Phase I was inaugurated of Tribute Cycle with the presentation in Argentina of the well know photographer Henry Horenstein. A selection of his shocking images of his series “Animalia” was exhibit from November 4th thru December 30th as gigantographic images in San Martín Park of the City of Buenos Aires and in the lobby of the Hotel Pan-American in the same city.

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Again with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America in Argentina, through their Cultural Section and with the support of AmCham and the Agency of Governmental Environmental Protection of the City, the civil asoONG, Tierra de Exploradores and Art in Lobby present Phase II of the cycle: “Polar Encounter” an exhibition that invites to reflect regarding such a current theme as the change of climate from the perspective of Jane Marsching (USA.) and Andrea Juan (Argentina). In this edition the conceptual artistic project adds the support of the Department of Visual Arts and Education, U.S. State Department and represents Argentina in the International Year of Biodiversity, sponsored by the United Nations for Development. The director of the Cycle is: Veronica Willenberg, CEO of Art in Lobby and President of the Tierra de Exploradores.


  • • Art in Lobby, lovin´ arts: Organisation dedicated to produce exhibition of distinguished visual artists in non conventional spaces and to promote corporate actions related with art. www.artinlobby.com
    • Embassy of the United States of America in Argentina, Cultural Section


  • • Tierra de Exploradores (Land of Explorers): Civil Association that seeks to extend knowledge and preservation of cultural and natural patrimony granting scientists, artists and explorers an environment of development, promotion and articulation with society. The institution with over 9 years of trajectory produces artistic exhibitions of avant gard and International reach that reflects about the environment and cultural identity. to have more information please visit: www.tierradeexploradores.org

With the support of::

  • • Chamber of Commerce of the United States in Argentina (AmCham)
    • National Antarctic Department, Argentine chancellery
    • Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Environmental Protection Agency.
    • Office of Educational and Cultural Affairs Department of State of the United States of America.
    • United Nations Development Programme (ONU) under the International Year of Biodiversity.


  • • Panamerican Hotel
    • Lindt Chocolates
    • Winery Nieto Senetiner

Phase II: April / September 2010

Botanical Garden of Buenos Aires: starting April 20th
• Photographs (exhibit hall until may 20th)
• Gigantografies Exhibition (in the park up to September 20th)

36th Edition of the Book Fair, Buenos Aires: from April 22 to May 10
• Exhibition of photographs in the White Pavilion (Foyer and Victoria Ocampo, Domingo F. Sarmiento and Adolfo Bioy Casares lounges).
• Panel and Presentation of the artists in Espacio Joven (Young Space), and the stand of the United States Embassy (due to Earth week)

Pan-American Hotel: from April 20 to May 20.
• Exhibition of photographs at the Lobby (from April 20 to May 20)
• Presentation Cocktail Cycle, Phase II (April 23, at 6 pm)
• An exhibit of photos in the lobby and tour by the artists under the Night Gallery ( April 30, at 7 pm)

PH15 Foundation: April 24th, 10 am.
• Community exchange activity by artists

New York City, USA
• From May 4 to June 7: Exhibition of photographs by Andrea Juan series The Invisible Forest, Phase II Cycle Tribute to Nature), for The Francis J. Greenburg Collection, at 125 Maiden Lane, NY. Curator: Elisabeth Akkerman.
• From May 5 to May 9, AAF NYC 2010: Exhibition of photographs by Andrea Juan (series The Invisible Forest and Geo-Radar, Phase II Cycle Tribute) at the International Art Fair

Pan-American Hotel Bariloche, August
• Presentation Cocktail Cycle, Phase II: Polar Encounter (coordinated action with advertising agencies and corporate sponsors as part of the Snow Festival)

General production: Veronica Willenberg (Art in Lobby, lovin´ arts)

Jane D. Marsching (USA.)
Jane is a digital media artist and currently working as adjunct professor at the Massachusetts College of Art. In 1995 she received her MFA in photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her work is represented by the Allston Skirt Gallery in Boston. "Arctic Listening Post", the project which she is currently working, explores the past, present and future of human impact on the Arctic, through different disciplines such as video installations, virtual landscapes, dynamic websites and data visualization. Her recent exhibitions include the ICA in Boston; MassMoCA; Museum of Art North Carolina Museum of Art, San Jose, CA; Photographic Resource Center, Boston, and the Museum of Art Sonoma, CA. She also received fellowships from the Creative Capital, LEF Foundation, Artadi, Massachusetts Cultural Council and Artists Resource Trust

Phase II: Polar Encounter
“Arctic Then” and “The Future North" by Jane Marsching

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Artic then
During the 19th century, the Arctic explorers brought with them much of Western culture they represented. They charged on their ships as much as possible, including structures, sets, and custome, that could be useful for their shows, in order to play them over the ice, during the long and dark winter, that they passed isolated at the end of the earth.
Faced with a latent threat of death, while the ice attempted to destroy their ships into pieces, despair led to create unusual and absurd situations. It was in the farces, melodramas, acrobatics and pantomimes that during those days (scientists and seamen) connected with the wonder and humor as a gateway to another world, more friendly.
Images from the series "Arctic Then" recreate that need to be allowed to unleash the imagination, to an overwhelming reality that can perhaps be compared with our possible near future, confronting us to the effects of climate change.

The Future North imagines a future in the next hundred years, after the irreversible effects of climate change. Created in collaboration with the visionary architects Mitchell Joachim and Terreform study, three minutes of Stop Motion animation images show a rise of three meters of sea level during the next century. The mass migration of urban populations to the north looking to escape the severe floods and rising temperatures. Many areas within the Arctic region will warm significantly, making it desirable to occuàte again. The new environmental conditions will give priority climates far north, above all as the limit of the earth. The reality of hundreds of thousands of people relocating their centers of culture, business and life is almost unthinkable. In this animation, an entire city float flooded and gives rise to the concept of a "new north", proposing a futuristic image for the whole surface of our planet

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Andrea Juan (Argentina)
Andrea has an extensive experience in the field of Visual Arts and also works as Professor and curator. Her work is based on scientific research and has a reflective content of the environment. She works in the disciplines of video, installation, photography and graphic art. In 2007 she received a grant from the Government of Canada and the New York Guggenheim fellowship, UNESCO in France, Antorchas Foundation and National Endowment for the Arts. She did residencies at Art Omi International Art Center (New York), University of Quebec (Canada) and the Cultural Center of Vienna (Austria). In 2004 she began the "Antarctica Project" by video installations and performances in Antarctica

Phase II: Polar Encounter
"The Invisible Forest" and “Geo-Radar” by Andrea Juan

Based on Dr. Falkowski ´s project

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Have you seen an invisible forest? The invisible algae that appear before our eyes come from the depths of the sea and come close to harmonize with the environment. Astonishment and certainty that everything can be better. The climate is changing, we so are we.
In the ocean, the invisible forest marine phytoplankton plays a critical role in regulating Earth's climate. Can it be used to combat global warming? Every drop of water within 100 meters of the ocean contains thousands of free-floating microscopic plants called phytoplankton. Explore how human activities can alter the impact of phytoplankton in the carbon cycle on the planet, is crucial for predicting long-term ecological effects. The photo shots were made at the Argentine Sea, Patagonia Section. The exhibition features video installations, sculptures, digital art and photography that are presented with the series “Patagonia, “Blue” and Antarctica”

The Patagonia (2008) series shows a performance in the Argentine sea coast edited with marine phytoplankton, images in microscope enlargements.

The Blue series (2009) is a graphics production with extended microscopic images.

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The Antarctic (2010) series shows different settings with mannequins of cloth on a human scale, and replicas to macroscopic size of tiny algae (marine phytoplankton). The works propose return to look like pure beings in harmonic connection with our environment.

“Geo-Radar” by Andrea Juan
Project based on scientific research by Dr. Rodolfo del Valle, (DNA) Due to climatic variations, soil-permafrost-frozen is suffering unusual internal disturbances, such as changes in its structure, water content and ice wedges, so it is necessary to use geo-radar (GPR) that reaches up to approximately 15 m depth to identify these changes. The impact of environmental change in the NE of the Antarctic Peninsula has caused a loss of ice of 4000 km3 the last 31 years. The use of wind turbines to produce electricity will reduce CO2 emissions dramatically into the atmosphere. This will help mitigate the greenhouse effect.

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Verónica Willenberg
Art in Lobby CEO

General production of Phase II of Cycle Tribute to Nature.

Polar Encounter is a challenging artistic and conceptual proposal. It establishes a dialogue between the “Arctic Then” series and “The Future North” of Jane Marsching - artist and teacher from the United States of America referent in material and investigation of the Arctic - and “The Invisible Forest” and “Geo-Radar” by Andrea Juan - argentine artist and teacher referent of investigation of the Antarctica - those works invite us to integrate two different views that are complemented and two different landscapes and realities due to the changes in the climate. This is based on a committed work based on several expeditions to the poles and in the result of research of investigation of the most prominent international scientists. Once again, the artistic medium is transformed into a bridge that connects us with life and reminds us that we are part of a whole which unites us and yet transcends us.

© Verónica Willenberg, all rights reserved.

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