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The following are the Institutional actions taken to develop and position Land of Explorers, at domestic and international circles, during 2006, 2007 and 2008.

April 2010

“Polar Encounter " is an exhibit that invites to reflection on a subject as topical as Climate Change, from the perspective of the artists Jane Marsching (USA) and Andrea Juan (Argentina). With this initiative, the institution participates in the International Year of Biodiversity, organized by the United Nations.

From April 20th, you can visit the Botanical Garden of Buenos Aires “Polar Encounter”, Phase II of Tribute Cycle.  

Photo Exhibits
(Exhibit in lounges, until May 20th)

Exhibits of Gigantographies 
(in the park, until September 20th)

Wednesday 21/4, 6pm, presentation of exhibitions and guided tour by the artists.

From April 22nd thru May 10 in the 36th Edition of Book Fair in Buenos Aires: Photographic exhibition in the white pavilion (Foyer and Victoria Ocampo lounge, Domingo F. Sarmiento and Adolfo Bioy Casares).

Thursday April 22nd at 6 pm. Opening with the presence of authorities of the City, the Fair and the Embassy in the frame of Earth Day.
Panels with the assistance of the artists in “Espacio Joven” on Saturday 24/4 and Tuesday 27/4 (Time to be defined) and in the stand of the Embassy of the United States of America ( with the purpose of Earth day) in day and time to be defined.

April 23, 2010, 3 pm: Panel and student exchange activity in the UADE Art Institute (Subject Visual Arts), given by the artists.

April 23rd, 6pm. Presentation Cocktail of Cycle, Phase II, Hotel Pan-American Exhibition of photographs in the lobby (until May 20, 2010) Guided tour by the artists as part of Gallery Nights (Friday 30 / 4, 7-10 pm. )

November – December 09

From November 2009. Tierra de Exploradores launches in Argentina Phase I of Tribute Cycle. Bellow description the activities forecasted:

Wednesday November 4: Exhibition of photographs from the series "Animalia" by Henry Horenstein at the Pan American Hotel, due to the launch of the cycle in Argentina. Exhibition of 15 photographs and 2 vertical information panels. The catalogue of the Cycle will be distributed. To attend this event we will require prior accreditation (info@artinlobby.com).

Fase I del Ciclo Tributo

Fase I del Ciclo Tributo

Fase I del Ciclo Tributo

Fase I del Ciclo Tributo

Fase I del Ciclo Tributo

Thursday November 5th, 11 am: Opening of the Urban Intervention "Animalia" by Henry Horenstein (San Martín Park, corner of Florida, City of Buenos Aires), due to the launch of the cycle in Argentina. 14 horizontal photographs will be assembled as well as six information panels. Gigantography exhibits can be visited during November, December and January.

Fase I del Ciclo Tributo

Fase I del Ciclo Tributo

Fase I del Ciclo Tributo

Fase I del Ciclo Tributo

Fase I del Ciclo Tributo

Friday November 6, 6.30 pm-8.30pm: Horenstein will present his series “Animalia” (Phase I of Tribute Cycle) in the frame of “photo lectures” organized by the Center of Documentation, Research and Publications (Cedip) of Recoleta Cultural Center. Junín 1930, Buenos Aires.

October 2009

With the support of Tierra de Exploradores and Art in Nature, the project “Roadside System” of May Borovinsky and Alexandra Kehayoglou, presented in the format of intervention in the incoming of the ninth edition of the Art Fair Expo Trastiendas thru October 15-18, 2009. Roadside system is a cut of the argentine countryside that grants a space of reflection when running live four hundred square meters. The work is physically imposing and induces the viewer to think about what has been won and lost. Focusing on those border areas apparently wasted or neglected which play a vital role in nature. Biological corridors that shelters the remains of wildlife and perhaps the memory of a portion of our history and origin.

For further information: http://www.sistemabanquina.blogspot.com

Proyecto “Sistema Banquina” de las artistas May Borovinsky y Alexandra Kehayoglou

September 2009

On September 2 at 7 pm Marina Curci and Marcelo Gurruchaga inaugurate the exhibit “Beyond the border”. It can be visited until October 2nd in the Cultural Association Pestalozzi, located in Gral. Ramón Freire 1882 – Belgrano R. Hours: Tuesday-Friday from 2pm thru 7pm.

“Más allá del borde” de Marina Curci - Tierra de Exploradores

August/ September 2009

On Thursday august 27 at 7.30 pm is the inauguration in Object a (Niceto Vega ST. 5181) the exhibit “Water and light” with the participation of Paula Senderowic. The exhibit will be showed until September 23 form Tuesdays to Saturdays from 3 pm thru 8 pm.
Entrance: free with no charge.

“Agua y Luz” de Paula Senderowic - Tierra de Exploradores

Presentation of the “Antarctica” book– The colors of the cold desert”, by Marcelo Gurruchaga. With the participation of Juan Sasturain, Andrea Juan and Alejandro Oliva. Day: Wednesday August 26, 6.30, in Lima St.717.
Entrance: free with no charge (please bring your id)

“Antártida – Los colores del desierto frío”, de Marcelo Gurruchaga


From August 13 thru 23 you will be able to visit in La Recova de Posadas (Posadas 1069) the collective Project called Piñata.
Exhibitors: María José D’Amico, María Laura Vázquez, Marisa Domínguez, Federico Bacher, Maximiliano Ocampo, Tamara Domenech.

Proyecto Piñata

A piñata is above all a wealth of surprises, which generates great expectations. It is colourful, vibrant and attractive place for a few moments the "illusion of happiness" in those who manage to break it and grab what's inside. These artists nurture on everyday objects, mass productions, a child’s drawing, the toy party favours, the one that is purchased, which comes as a surprise treat. Artistically appropriated to generate different sensations, some linked to the real meaning of objects and shapes, others making a metaphorical use thereof by various languages. Childhood is only a starting point to play with some objects and take off into their own dialectic. Toys, colours and textures, innocent scenes that begin and then become more complex in adult eyes.
The toy or child icon allows handling certain duality where, not everything that fell out of the piñata was what we expected ... We see then that the happiness that we caused the piñata at first now began to diminish...

Maria Jose D’Amico, remembers with her portraits a nostalgic childhood. Those Pictures document lost childhoods like catalogues that help us find which of all of them was ours.

Maria Laura Vazquez takes these tiny chocolate surprises and gives them life. Superheroes embody everyday situations where their powers are diluted to make way for the problems of relationship and adult situations.

Marisa Dominguez plays endlessly with her work. Endless ... in which their objects are operated by objects. Like a syrupy sweet Dominguez’s work fills us, satisfies us and yet we would still have another taste of her overwhelming irony.

A doll of natural child size, like a gigantic drawing that becomes volume. The huge figures and toys are modelled, sensitive and fragile. Federico Bacher takes us back to a childhood of surprise game and expectation.

Ready to eat, the Bugs by Maximiliano Ocampo tempt us. Like a secret receipt the artist mixes the ingredients, combines colours and textures as if they were flavours and smells. That bug …………………a feeling that we remain in the pit of my stomach.

Tamara Domenech creates unpredictable scenarios where small objects form a scene full of character and lyrical irony.

Maria Laura Vazquez | Sofia Pombar.

The 8th Book Fair with the participation of Mariana Szulman artist and member.
From Saturday 8th to Sunday August 16.
Hours: Monday to Sunday from 14-20 pm.
Location: The Eclectic space, Humberto Primo 730 San Telmo.

June / August 2009


Artists Andrea Juan, Marina Curci and Marcelo Gurruchaga exhibit between June 23 and 22 of august their work “Geographic edges”. Location: UADE Art Institute, Lima 717 –Buenos Aires. Hours: from 9:00 am thru 8pm. Entrance: free with no charge (please bring your id)

“Bordes geográficos”



Opening the game
Essay by Lucas Cheja, María José D´Amico, Claudia Fainguersch and Paula Harrington in the photographic space of Ribera Theatre.
Next Saturday June 13 at 12.30 am the exhibit called Opening the game will be showed at the Photographic space of the Ribera theatre directed by  Juan Travnik-a selection of works by  Lucas Cheja, María José D´Amico, Claudia Fainguersch and Paula Harrington. 
You will be able to visit every day until August 25, hours from Tuesday thru Sundays at 10 am -5 pm. Free Entrance. 

Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1821
(Buses Number: 20, 25, 29,33, 46, 53, 54, 64, 86, 129, 152, 159 y 168).

Abrir el juego

June / July 2009


Illustrated Lecture Series

"The Jesuit Missions. The Encounter of Two Cultures”
Documentary presented by directors, Sergio Raczko on the presence of the Jesuits in the territory of the Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata. Activity coordinated by Professor Jose Selles-Martinez, Faculty of Natural Sciences.
 University of Buenos Aires.

Starts:  June 8, 2009
Mondays of June and July of 2009
Hours: 16:15 PM
Branch: Casa de Madrid in Buenos Aires, Libertad 940,
City of Buenos Aires,
Tel.: 4816-0741
Entrance free with no charge

The Jesuit Missions
Encounter of Two Cultures

This year, on the eve and the Bicentennial of the Revolution May, the cycle will have two characteristics. First, it will be dedicated exclusively to one topic: the Jesuit presence in the territory of the Viceroyalty of Río de la Plata. Secondly, every character will have audiovisual presentations.
The reason for both is to have had the fortune to meet Sergio Raczko and his and his extensive realization both skilled and attractive "about the Jesuit Missions.
Missions of the Society of Jesus in the extreme south of America began in 1585 in the government of Tucumán and are interrupted abruptly with the expulsion of the Order in 1767.
Jesuit Utopia in America can be considered, without exaggeration, one of the most important religious experiences, social, cultural and economic of history. Amazed by the innovative sense (... and even revolutionary) he had in his time the work of the missionaries of San Ignacio de Loyola.

It is astonishing also to see, as shown by the documentary of the Cycle that in many places, social organization, customs and above all cultural values product of the integration of the customs of the peoples and the missionaries, not only have survived until today but plan to grow and project internationally.

Missions, Reductions and Jesuits people along with the Franciscan Missions had an integrating view regarding the people that were getting closer, which cultures and skills were respected and promoted, translating the religious texts to local languages and adapting many times the liturgics customs to the use of the aborigines.
just take a look at the fact (or rather what has ceased to be) about the two and a half centuries that have passed since the expulsion of the order to assess the willingness and the work of those men which success was often elusive and had to pay with their lives their evangelizing effort, purging their sins that did not belong to them.

I want to thank as I am sure will do the same those who will come to the House of Madrid of Buenos Aires to participate in this cycle, the excellent disposition of  Sergio Raczko  in sharing with us this material that without a doubt and for many reasons can be described as unique.

José Sellés-Martínez, coordinator.


Jesuit Missions
Encounter of two cultures - Documentary film series
Presented by: Sergio Raczko

Monday June 8
Ignatius of Loyola their homeland - American Reductions
Loyola, Places and Memories of San Ignacio - Azpeitia, Spain
San Ignacio Miní - Prov. Of Misiones Argentina 20 minutes
Holy Trinity - Itapúa, Paraguay
 Material presented at the 1992 Seville Expo

Monday June 15
Jesuit Republic of Paraguay
The Joint Jesuit Block and Estancias of Cordoba
The Jesuit Missions of Chiquitos - Bolivia Introduction to eastern Bolivia

Monday June 22
The Lowlands of Eastern Bolivia, Seven Living Towns
House of God and Heaven's Gate - The Jesuit Missions of Chiquitos, Bolivia

Monday June 29
Moxos Jesuit Missions, Bolivia El Beni
Current Jesuit Imprinting
Projection: San Ignacio de Moxos, The Treasure of the Grand Tour Paitití Bolivia International Choir Tour and Orchestra of St. Ignatius of Moxos Patron festivity ns missionary music

Monday July 6
Missionary customs, dances, traditions and people's voices of the people of Chiquitanos Projection:
The patron festivity in the Jesuit Missions of Chiquitos Bolivia

Monday July 13
The purity of an isolated village, without communication, which keeps its beliefs and festivity.
The Festivity of the Holy Heart, the Last Mission Jesuit Bolivia

Monday July 20
The American Missionary Baroque Music
 International Festival of Renaissance and Baroque Music "Misiones de Chiquitos" documentary made of 10 years of life in this musical encounter

Monday July 27
Closing of the cycle with the latest documentary presented at the Cathedral of San Carlos of Bariloche on May 2, 2009 as part of celebrations of the founding of that city. Projection:
The Jesuit Mission of Nahuel Huapi - Patagonia Argentina

Sergio Raczko

May 2009


Photographic exhibition "The Journey. Following in the footsteps of Darwin in Patagonia "by Maximiliano Oro.
 May 11 thru May 22, 2009 at University College IES (Roundeau 165, Nueva Córdoba). More information: (0351) 4288140 / 1.

El viaje. Tras los pasos de Darwin en la Patagonia


Rodrigo Terran participates on May 16 and May 17 in the group exhibit "expose", which is presented in El Hacedor, Esmeralda 582, 2 nd Basement.

Rodrigo Terrén participa el 16 y el 17 de mayo en la muestra colectiva “Exponemos”


Marzo/Abril 2009

Plataform Untref – 2nd.  Exhibit of Electronic in MUNTREF (National University of Tres de Febrero).

29 teachers and students display 30 works of arts. Curator: Graciela Taquini

The exhibition will be open until April 30, Monday to Saturday from 11 to 20 hours. Participatory visits: Saturdays 15:30 hs. Address: Valentín Gómez 4838, Caseros, Provincia de Buenos Aires.

La artista argentina Andrea Juan junto a Chantal Béret, Conservadora del  Museo de Arte

The artist Andrea Juan Argentina with Chantal Beret, Curator of the Museum of Modern Art at the Pompidou Centre, in a Untref Platform exhibit.


February 2009


February 3 - April 3

Click here to view 3-part exhibition series


Streaming Museum is a new hybrid Museum that presents real-time exhibitions in cyberspace and public space on seven continents.  It is produced in New York City in collaboration with international cultural, educational, and public centers; artists, curators and visionary creators.  Exhibitions are viewed in cyberspace at www.streamingmuseum.org and Ars Virtua New Media Center in Second Life, and public locations around the world according to schedules listed on the website.

Artists and Innovators for the Environment is a three-part exhibition series that presents the perspectives of 40 international visionary creators on the interdependence between humanity and the ecosystem -- from Merce Cunningham and Nam June Paik, to artificial intelligence personalities created by Toni Dove, to Paul Miller DJ Spooky and other iconic and emerging fine and pop artists and visionaries.

On October 3 Streaming Museum launched the exhibition series in collaboration with TED Prize and the Urban Screens Festival in a simultaneous cross-continental broadcast of program content and visual connection between the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle, New York City, and Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia. 

Taking inspiration from pioneer multi-media artist Nam June Paik who in the 1970's envisioned an "electronic superhighway" as an open and free medium for imagination and exchange of global cultures, the Museum launched on January 29, 2008 exhibiting simultaneously on 7 continents, Paik's Good Morning Mr. Orwell - an entertaining mix of international fine art and pop culture.

Where to see Artists and Innovators for the Environment

Cyberspace locations
www.streamingmuseum.org and Ars Virtua New Media Center in Second Life (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Butler/244/13/72) 

Public locations:
: Ubuntu Center, Port Elizabeth; Asia: Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea; Antarctica: British Antarctic base and Jubany Scientific Base of Argentina; Australia: Federation Square, Melbourne; Europe: Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT) Liverpool and 17 BBC screens throughout the UK, Urban Screen - Piazza Duomo, Milan, Italy; North America: Chelsea Art Museum, NYC and Victory Park, Dallas, Texas, USA; South America: Centro Municipal de Exposiciones Subte, Montevideo, Uruguay; and other locations.

For exhibition and information
on public locations and schedules visit the Museum's website:

Nina Colosi
Founder/Creative Director, Streaming Museum


 Streaming Museum is a member of International Urban Screens Association


The Federal Electricity Commission and the Technological Museum have the honor to invite you to the opening of the South Polar exhibition, Art in Antarctica.

Tuesday February 3, 2009 7 pm.
MUTEC, Second Section of Chapultepec forest, Mexico DF

Sur Polar

January 2009

On January 19 at 7pm opens INTEMPERIE - aesthetic phenomena of Climate Change and Antarctica - in the space OI FUTURO of Rio de Janeiro. The exhibition is curated by Alfons Hug and Ernesto Saraiva it is a preview of the second edition of the Biennale of Contemporary Art at the End of the World, to be held in April in Ushuaia.

INTEMPERIE - aesthetic phenomena of Climate Change and Antarctica
From January 20 thru March 1, 2009

For more information: http://www.oifuturo.org.br

INTEMPERIE - Fenómenos Estéticos del Cambio Climático y Antártida

December 2008


Documentary “Capricorn Tropic” and "Yacaré Porá" from Andrés Sehinkman will be on display at the Mercosur Scientific Film Festival.

"Tropic of Capricorn", which competes for Best Short novie , will be screened on Tuesday 16 December at 2 pm, and Wednesday 17 at the same time in  the Auditorium of the National Library (Agüero and Avenida Las Heras). "Jacare Pora" will be shown on Thursday, December 18, at 2 pm in the Cortazar Lounge at the National Library.

The Uruguayan artist Roberto Fernández Ibáñez presents the book "The last time a Unicorn was seen, December 16, at 8am in the stage of the Fair Ideas +, located on September 21 and Herrera and Reissing , Uruguay.

November 2008

Antarctic Edge - A journey into the world of ice images

Borde Antártico - Un recorrido en imágenes al mundo del hielo
Marina Curci, artist and photographer Marcelo Gurruchaga inaugurated on Wednesday November 26, at 7 pm, "Southern Edge - A journey in pictures to the world of ice" in the buque Museum and Corbeta Uruguay, located at Alicia Moreau de Justo 400 Dock 4, Puerto Madero. The exhibition will be open until December 17, 2008.

Art & Nature | Contest
Shearing Contest with Designs at the rural Barbarie Gallery

May Borovinsky , artist member invites you  to participate at the Shearing Contest Barbarie Designs Gallery, located in the Estancia La Cinacina, San Antonio de Areco. The event will be held on Sunday November 16, at 12 hours. it will be postponed by rain. For more information: www.galeriabarbarie.com

September 2008

Cultural Conference by geologist Jose Selles-Martinez.
He will present on Saturday September 27th, at 7.00pm , "America Imagined: the transplantation of the myth, the metamorphosis of  the observed, the exaggeration of what is heard ", which shows, with many illustrations projected on Power Point, any fantasies created in Europe around the Americas since the discovery until the nineteenth century.

The event will be in the auditorium of the cultural of American crafts store “Khori Wasi, located in Peru 863, San Telmo. For more information, phone 4300-1784. Admission is free.

August 2008

Behind the Polar circle-Marina Curci
Inauguration: Friday August 29, 7 pm.
August-September. Monday- Friday 11 am -8 pm
RO Art Gallery
Parana 1158 | Buenos Aires

Marcelo Gurruchaga, José Sellés Martínez,  Verónica Willenberg, Marina Curci y Adriana Groisman
Marcelo Gurruchaga, José Sellés Martínez, Verónica Willenberg, Marina Curci & Adriana Groisman

Marina Curci, artist and member of Tierra de Exploradores opened on Friday, August 29, at 7pm, the exhibition of paintings BEHIND THE POLAR CIRCLE (77 º 51 'latitude south). We invite you to visit the exhibition during August and September, Monday to Friday from 11-20 am in RO Art Gallery (Paraná 1158 - Buenos Aires).

Marcelo Gurruchaga, José Sellés Martínez,  Verónica Willenberg, Marina Curci y Adriana Groisman
Verónica Willenberg & Marina Curci

"Marina Curci travelled to Antarctica aboard the icebreaker Almirante Irizar in January 2006. She kept accurate records of all instances of the trip. She wrote, drew, photographed, and painted. In this exhibit we can see a selection of images as if a diary, were made during the trip. "
Malosetti Laura Costa, historian

Detrás del Círculo Polar - Marina Curci


Member and artist Andrea Juan presented her work: Methane Antarctica Project III, in the city of Venice, Italy. She will participate as an argentine representative at the  CANDIANI Cultural Centre, between August 27 and September, to mark the launch of the Venice Biennale 2009.

La artista miembro Andrea Juan presenta su obra: Metano del Proyecto Antártida III, en la ciudad de Venecia, Italia. Participará como representante argentina en el Centro Cultural CANDIANI, entre el 27 de Agosto y el 14 de Septiembre próximo, con motivo del lanzamiento de la Bienal de Arte de Venecia 2009.
For more information:  www.andreajuan.net

Tierra de Exploradores invites you to the photo exhibition "Antarctica" by artist Marcelo Gurruchaga, to be held in the framework of the Open Meetings XV Photo - Festival of Light 2008. The exhibition will be open between 14 and August 27, 1430 to 18:30 in Edea Gallery, located in Defensa 771 - San Telmo.

This exhibition is part of an extensive work, for which Marcelo Gurruchaga has spent more than three years and five trips to Antarctica. The exhibited works will be included in his second book; "Antarctica".

Antártida - Muestra Fotográfica

On Thursday August 7 at 7 pm "Tears of the thaw" was opened, an exhibit of Santiago Espeche. The exhibition will be open until 31 August at the Cultural Centre Borges, Monday to Saturday 10 am -9 pm and Sunday, from 12 am to 9 pm. It has the support of Tierra de Exploradores, among others.

Lágrimas del deshielo

On July 24 "Rain and frogs: Secrets of the Gran Chaco," opened, an exhibit of photographs of the biologists Boris Blotto and Daniel Aldo Gomez and a video documentary of Andrew Sehinkman.

Tierra de Exploradores invite you to  visit during winter break "Rain and frogs: secrets of the Gran Chaco", which will be opened until 10 August every day from 10 am to 7 pm in the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences' Bernardino Rivadavia "located on Av. Angel Gallardo 470, Buenos Aires. The cost of entry to the MACN is $ 3 pesos (under 6 year old entrance free).

July 2008

Methane, Antarctica Project III, from July 10th to August 30th, Chelsea Art Museum, New York.
Metano, Proyecto Antártida III, del 10 de julio al 30 de agosto en el Museo de Arte de Chelsea, Nueva York.
Andrea Juan will exhibit Methane in the Chelsea Art Museum in New York, from July 10th to August 30th, for the The Project Room for New Media. Methane is the third part of Antarctica Project, it consists in photography and a videoistallation. Nina Colosi will be the curator.

May 2008
Thaw’s Tears, May 2nd / 29th, in Spanish Cultural Center in Miami.
The artist explained the technique and content of the exhibition in the opening.

Thaw’s Tears, May 2nd / 29th, in Spanish Cultural Center in Miami.

The past May 6th, Land of Explorers presented “Atrapados en el Fin del Mundo” (Trapped in the End of the World), a documentary film by the director and producer Eduardo Sánchez. This is a film about the first scientific expedition to the White Continent, one of the most exciting chapters in the history of the Antarctic Conquest. A tale about the survival of the human being in extreme situations, the beginning of Argentinean presence in Antarctica and the unavoidable recovery of a forgotten story.
Atrapados en el fin del mundo” got the award Cóndor de Plata 2005 to the Best Video Film and the First Award Social Humanistic in the CINECIEN 2006 Festival.

Atrapados en el fin del mundo

The Tigre Art Museum (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and the Canada Embassy presented “Polar Dialogues, The Uncertain Landscapes from Canada to Antarctica” ("Diálogos Polares, Los paisajes inciertos de Canadá a la Antártida")by sabelle Hayeur and Andrea Juan.
Opening: Saturday May 10th m 12:30. Tigre Art Museum, 972 Paseo Victoria, Tigre.

The Tigre Art Museum (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and the Canada Embassy presented “Polar Dialogues, The Uncertain Landscapes from Canada to Antarctica”

April 2008
Land of Explorers presented the Season of Visual Arts and Science “Water, Key for Life” (“El Agua, clave para la Vida”), in plenary International Polar Year and soon to the World Summit for the Water “Expo Zaragoza 2008”. April 25th/ June 15th 2008 – Argentine Natural Science Museum. 
“Water, Key for Life” is a traveling exhibition where prestigious Argentine Artists and Scientifics, promote a reflection in times determinate by the climates changes. It consists of “Our Trip to Antarctica” (Video – Adriana Groisman / Stefan Oliva) and photography series of Antarctica (Marcelo Gurruchaga / Daniel Aldo Gómez).

Daniel Aldo Gómez


Marcelo Gurruchaga

March 2008

Voices of the Tempest de Adriana Groisman. The Sinking of the Cruiser General Belgrano: Redemption in the South Atlantic. March 7th/ April 17th. O'Kane Gallery, University of Houston - Downtown

Voices of the Tempest de Adriana Groisman. The Sinking of the Cruiser General Belgrano: Redemption in the South Atlantic. Del 7 de marzo al 17 de abril en O'Kane Gallery, University of Houston - Downtown

Exhibition Tears from the thaw will be open to public through March 26th, Monday-Friday 10am-5pm at the Consulate General of Argentina - Art Gallery, 12 West 56 Street - New York
Opening reception, with the presence of the artist, Thursday March 6 2008, 6-8pm

Exhibition Tears from the thaw will be open to public through March 26th, Monday-Friday 10am-5pm at the Consulate General of Argentina - Art Gallery, 12 West 56 Street - New York


Polar South – Art in Antarctica

The University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) will display an interdisciplinary exhibition and a symposium with artists that have focused their proposals in the fascinating Antarctic Continent, in addition to the commemorative events within the frame of the International Polar Year 2007-2009.

march 5th to april 18th 2008
In the context of the International Polar Year March 2007/March 2009
Curator: Andrea Juan
Opening: March 5th, 12 to 3 PM
Conference: March 6th, 10 AM to 6 PM
Closing date: April 18th 2008

Download press-kit in ZIP format 146KB>

During winter vacations at the Natural Science Museum “Bernardino Rivadavia” with Land of Explorers’ support the show “Dinos in Buenos Aires” took place. For the first time in Buenos Aires a Palaeontology Art Show was given. It shows how extinct creatures were when they were alive. These works extraordinary represented by artists from Argentina, Brazil and Chile, with jobs that have been highly recognised by international and national museums and editorials. There the following artist showed:
Diego Barletta, Jorge Blanco, Gerardo Delloca, Emilio Durán, Armando Flores, Orlando Grillo, Carlos Kutscher, Hugo Pailos, Carlos Papolio, Sebastián Perez Parry and Maurilio Silva de Oliveirao.

JUNE 2007
We travelled to New York City with Andrea Juan, artist member, to promote the Itinerant Shows and Investigation Projects that this Association divulges. Some of the people we met with are:
AmericanMuseum of Natural History, Wild Life Foundation, Environmental Defence Fund, The Explorers Club, Argentine Consulate, Cultural Area, etc.

MAY 2007
We carried out the development to present Land of Explorers’ scientific and cultural divulge Presentation in France, to take place by the end of 2007 and organised our trip to New York, USA.

APRIL 2007
Organised by Land of Explorers in the International Polar Year 2007/2009, the Argentine Natural Science Museum, presented the show “Thaws”, the member artist Andrea Juan.

MARCH 2007
-  We were part of the Inauguration event in Paris for the International Polar Year, through Marcelo Toledo, investigator and member. There we divulge a series of Itinerant Shows that have as main theme the “Climate Change”, “Preservation of our Natural heritage” and Antarctica (Argentine Sector). The proposals made by Land of Explorers consisted of photographic material, video installations, documentaries and satellite digital art. For more information please visit Activities.

-  We sponsored and divulged various Itinerant shows to participate at the events that will take place during the International Polar Year, from March 2007 to March 2009. Land of Explorers Association will present photographic material, video installations, documentaries, and works of art in reference to the Argentine Sector in Antarctica. For more information please visit Activities.

-  We managed the Press for the scientific and cultural circuit for the Avant Premier of the 3D documentary “Dinosaurs, Patagonia’s Giants” for IMAX THEATRE – Center Norte, that took place March 7, 2007. For more information please visit www.imaxcenter.com.ar.

January / February 2007
Photo-taking and documenting at the Scientific Expedition led by paleontologist Sebastián Apesteguía in the Province of Río Negro. The resulting material will be edited for later exhibition and dissemination.

December 2007
We made our social presentation through our Institutional Launching Event  took place at the Jorge Luis Borges Auditorium, of our prestigious National Library on December 15, 2006. National Authorities assisted as well as Ambassadors, and Cultural and Scientific Advisors that reside in our country, Authorities and Researchers from Academies and Museums, and artists involved in the spreading of our cultural patrimony, journalist and foreign press, sponsors that add their support to the Argentine Science development, being conscious of their social responsibility.

Verónica Willenberg, Founder and President of the Association, opened the event with a speech introducing to our society the Institution, to later on give the Announcement of a novel scientific Finding in the field of Palaeontology, by Sebastián Apesteguía, who presented illustratively what the investigation implies in “Tracks of South American Raptors”.
For the Press conference, the Association developed a reproduction of the raptor’s paw, a copy of the track found and analysed, as well as illustrations that reflect of this interesting specie.
For more information please visit Press.

We participated in CineCien 06, II Scientific Film and Video Festival of MERCOSUR, Argentine Chapter, hosted by the Secretariat of Science and Technique (SECyT) and the Department of Visual Arts of the National University Institute of Arts (IUNA). At the premises of the National Library, November 3 and 4, 2006.

CineCien CineCien
CineCien was supported by Education Ministry, CONICET, EDUCAR, MERCOSUR, Congress, PARCUM, the University’s Audio visual National Net and cultural Parliament. And the special participation of INCAA, National Institute for Audio visual Arts, National Library and Arena City.
The gathering that took place during two days gave very important results:

  • Divulge and award the production of didactic videos, documentaries for television and films that spread knowledge in scientific themes, created by universities, academies, and scientists, which circuit is usually reduced to its own circle.

  • Propitiate places to acknowledge and debate about cultural and scientific dissemination now days.

  • Generate the meeting of different communication agents that work in new tendencies and technologies applied to new channels diffusion.

The films that participated were grouped in three main areas: scientific and technical, biomedicine, social humanistic. These were selected from 60 Argentine productions. Finally, the three winners will participate at the Regional Edition that will take place in Rio de Janeiro  on December 4 through 7 2006.

•We updated the Photo and documentary Study of the Palaeonthological Research Project in the Ischigualasto Basin, San Juan Province, led by palaeontologists Dr. Oscar Alcober, Dr. Ricardo Martínez and their team.

To complete the photographic study that took place in 2002-2003, we travelled to San Juan Province, and visited Natural Science Museum (San Juan National University) and the Provincial Park Ischigualasto on October 2006.

The site Ischigualasto Talampaya has been declared by UNESCO as Human Natural Heritage on 2000.

Our study was as follows:

-Journey  through the Tourist Circuit at the Park.
- Interpretation Centre at the entrance, Natural Science Museum.
- At San Juan City, gathering material for an Itinerant Show of approx. 1000 sq. meters. That will be presented internationally in 2008.
- We also worked with the Palaeontology and Biology Museum teams.

Land of Explorers thanks the support that Eduardo H. Cortez (Founder of the Autarchy Institution Ischigualasto Provincial Park) and Oscar Alcober (Chairman of the Natural Science Museum of San Juan) without their work it would have been impossible to achieve our goals.
We also want to thank Pedro Díaz (Park ranger) Iván Ontivero (Guide) Florencia Cano, Jorge Uriel Castagna and Maria Vanesa Zarzuelo (Interpretation Centre Guides) ,  for their unconditional  help that made our trip a true pleasure and  helped achieve the best results in our labour.
To Ricardo Ruiz (Richar Chumacher) for his impeccable leadership, complicity and great sense of humour.

Paleontological Research Project in the Ischigualasto Basin Paleontological Research Project in the Ischigualasto Basin

•On the International Day of Botanical Gardens, we attended the Opening of the Arturo Ragonese Botanical Garden, dependent on the Institute of Biological Resources of the Natural Resources Research Center (CIRN) of INTA Castelar.
We were part of the Arturo Ragonese Botanical Garden launching, being part of the  CIRN – Biological Resources Centre of the Natural Resources Investigation at INTA Castelar. On October 13, 2006, date that the International Day of Botanical Gardens is celebrated.
Teachers, agronomists, local and foreign participated, giving lectures. The theme was the importance of Botanical Gardens in education, meaning conservation an biodiversity.
We would like to express the outstanding performance of Dr. Ana María Molina, President of Argentine Botanical Gardens Net, who has succeeded  over abandonment, with great personal and team efforts, turning it to a fundamental space for education, which we invite you to visit.
CIRN, Las cabañas y De Los Reseros s.n. (1712) INTA Castelar,
Phones: 00 54 11 4621-0840 & 1819, e-mail: jardinbotanico@cirn.gov.ar.
At this international celebration was also present Dr. Douglas Gibss from Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI).
We also had the chance to visit at INTA Castelar, the Germoplasm Bank Base, directed by Eng. Agronomist Marcela I. Sánchez, who guided us together with her team, and showing us the fascinating plant world.

Arturo Ragonese Botanical Garden Arturo Ragonese Botanical Garden

• We developed and disseminated the System of Institutional ‘Benefactors’ and ‘Sponsors’ intended to generate resources which will be destined to developing local scientific research, funding study grants, field expeditions and massive dissemination of scientific projects and findings.

• We participated in the V Regional Archeological Seminars held from September 22 to 24 in the district of Florentino Ameghino, attended by archeologists from Argentina, France and Spain as well as Representatives of Aborigine Communities of the Pampeana Region.
These Archaeological Seminars were supported by the Cultural Institute of the Buenos Aires Province and the Provincial Secretariat of Cultural heritage, sponsored by the National Agency of Scientific and Technological Promotion, Funds for Scientific and Technological Research and the Scientific Investigative Commission of Buenos Aires Province, and LEMIT –Multidisciplinary Labs for the technological research.
The Seminars had a great  repercussion on the scientific community following an extended programme that included the participation of originally communities, accomplishing previous agreements.
Various works were presented, archaeology, anthropology and geology, that belonged to Argentine and foreign investigators. This created the proper scenario for all the provincial authorities, researchers and the community were able to intervene in an equal discussion for the conservation of the Cultural Heritage of the Region.
For more details:

V Regional Archeological Seminars V Regional Archeological Seminars


We legally registered the Association, created the work team of scientists and explorers Members of Tierra de Exploradores and produced the Pieces of Institutional Communication.



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